Our Mission

ScreenSense is a local community resource for families who are creating a path to healthy tech use. ScreenSense provides community members with opportunities to get informed about current research findings and best practices related to screens and children, to take action with a selection of tools to address their family's needs and values, to gather together with regular events and workshops to optimize our relationships with technology, and to find local support and camaraderie.

I wish Iā€™d given my child a smartphone sooner.
— Said no one ever


During the 2017-18 school year, a group of parents and educators in Mill Valley came together over a shared concern about the current trajectory of children's smartphone/device usage.  Based on conversations in our community, we are hearing: (a) there are upsides and downsides to technology; (b) people are seeking a path of moderation that mitigates the downsides; (c) families are busy and feeling reactive so parents want tools and best practices to confidently and proactively navigate this digital terrain; (d) parents desire support and accompaniment to reel in usage of devices and smartphones.


Being Local

Our intention is to provide a very local and responsive effort from within our own community.  ScreenSense is currently focused on Mill Valley, Sausalito and Marin City. Not from here? We can help you adapt our program for your own community efforts. Contact us!